Engineer Mauro Cappelli is fascinated by food since childhood; how couldn’t it be in a city like Rome which, always attracting a variety of cultures and different traditions, continues offering various delicacies.

Wandering around the local markets of Rome – Open City since ever – it was easy to fall in love with aromas and flavors, products of the contamination of migrants who came to propose their products. 

But it’s at home that the tastes of Roman tradition convince him and accompany him during his life and his education. His bump for mechanic! His other big passion cultivated with great results, that seemed to destiny him to an office career, between drawings and experiments.

This combination is explosive and shortly bring the engineer to put his passions on one direction as large and long as his ideas and ambitions. In 1985 founds FLASHMACHINES, with the express aim of putting technology at flavor’s service and creates and produces his first “revolutions” as he calls them himself. 

Since then he never stopped and FLASHMACHINES has become a company leader in all-round fast catering branch, and today like yesterday invents, produces and exports all over the world those fast production systems that have become essential to be in line with the times; without sacrificing those scents and those flavors that link us to our roots and our dearest memories. 

As a gourmet keeps telling himself and to all his staff that “a good product can be made even without too many efforts, just right ingredients and right method are needed”.