On a gratuitous loan

Flashmachines keeps supporting its customers by allowing the creation and the development of new entrepreneurs who are willing to do and to take part in what in these years of crisis remains a solid and ever-expanding sector, such as the opening of an Express Ice-cream Shop, a Creperie, or a catering business which serves express courses of rapid execution.  
For this reason it has developed custom commercial solutions meant to simplify and reduce the costs of the business startup letting the customer earn from the very beginning.
Take on a gratuitous loan the machines necessary to open or enlarge the activity is cheap and reliable thanks to the support we offer along the whole period. You can also quickly have products or spare parts.

Advantages of a gratuitous loan:


The customer does not invest money for the purchase of the machines because he uses those provided by FLASHMACHINES on a gratuitous loan; this gives an immediate advantage in terms of liquid assets.


There are no fixed rentals as in the lease 


Equipment’s installation and testing are charged to FLASHMACHINES

Know How

All the know how is freely passed and there is an initial training to let the customers learn the working procedures.
From the very beginning our customers had a profit margin given by selling the products. In fact the customers do not have to buy the machines and therefore no depreciation needs to be considered. There’s no need to take care of maintenance and repair of the machines. In case of malfunction, technical support is granted by Flashmachines. The contract is extremely flexible and can be adapted to the changing needs of the business, for example the customer can increase the number of machines on a clientele request basis. The obsolete machines are replaced, letting the customer update to the newest technology.
But FLASHMACHINES doesn’t stop here: 
Our customers can take advantage FOR FREE of our ten-year-long expertise in the field of CATERING MACHINERY. We provide the customer with technical tools and specialization acquired in years of study and fieldwork.

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