Would you like to open a self-service Ice cream shop? An express Ice cream shop? Would you like to have a flexible solution?
FLASHMACHINES’ lease is what you need.
FLASHMACHINES’ main aim is to build a solid and long-lasting relationship, that can be an advantage for everybody; we offer convenient solutions, even if you just have a small amount to invest.



Simplicity and speed in processing.


Optimized conditions based on your needs.


 Installation and testing of the machines are charged to FLASHMACHINES.



Higher liquidity

No need to use its own funds: the purchase of high-tech equipment for ice cream production entails considerable costs, both in terms of liquidity and of credit provided by the bank or the supplier at the cost of intensive negotiations. On the contrary, the rental has a minimal impact on your operating margins. The equipment remains the property of the lessor company: therefore leasing – unlike direct purchase – offers the chance to use cutting-edge technology, improving solvency, balance sheet indices and ratings of your company.

Effective planning of investments

No need to use its own funds: you can finance the rentals with the income earned during the use of the machinery, always maintaining a forefront technical level and at the same time expanding your production possibilities and investment potential. Moreover you can exactly plan your expenses, thanks to fixed leasing rates.

Costs reduction

Improvement of quality of investments and pre-empt of competitors. By transforming high purchase costs into monthly or quarterly small payments you can have access to innovative technologies at the same rate of growth as your business. To be competitive in an expanding market, it is necessary to constantly invest into high-tech systems. The risk is that the equipment will be obsolete even before it is depreciated. The rental formula that FLASHMACHINES offers to its customers reserves the possibility to stay in step with the times and to ensure the technological advantage of your company, with excellent results on your competitiveness.

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