Ice cream and Soft yogurt Machine

H 90 cm L 54 cm P 60 cm

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Medium-sized professional countertop ice cream and soft yogurt machine.

The PUFFO has several models. T 340 T-TS-TSF-TSFM- 2 FLAVORS + MIX-BITASTE.

This compact machine is suitable for ice cream parlors or corners within other businesses. Also of the Smurf you can have the Basic model as the Multifunction that allows you to have multiple types of product in a single machine.

Technical features

  • TECNOLOGY Inverter
  • Bath Shakers
  • Visual and acoustic product end alarm
  • Automatic washing
  • 2 Compressors
  • Automatic return levers
  • Hardness adjustment
  • Voltage setting
  • Forced Air Cooling
  • Belt Drive and Gearmotor
  • Steel structure
  • Automatic blocking and detection of operating anomalies with machine blocking
  • Automatic Preculing System.
  • Engaged Power 1.6 kW
  • 220 VOLT 2F + 1T
  • Hourly Production 35-40 Kg.
  • Cylinders- 2x 1.2 Kg.
  • Bathtubs – 2 X 4 LT
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