Machine for Ice cream and Frozen Yogurt

L.28 cm x P.48 cm x H.58 cm


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It is the smallest professional machine for ice cream and frozen yogurt, with its very small footprint it can be positioned behind the bar counter.

There are two models:

Basic Model – Can produce Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt, Spaghetti Ice, Fruttini

Multifunction Model: Can produce Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt, Spaghetti Ice, Fruttini, Twister Cream, Variegati

Technical features

  • Structure in stainless steel Aisi 304/316
  • Traction with gearmotor
  • N.1 ASPERA compressors
  • Forced air cooling DANFOS VALVE
  • Cooling control thermostat
  • Preculing regulation thermostat
  • Automatic thermo motor control Ice cream storage tank Positive temp.
  • For maintenance Automatic ice cream tank mixer
  • Visual and acoustic tank reserve alarm
  • Automatic washing
  • Ice cream hardness check
  • Electronic control IMP.TOSHIBA
  • Safety locks (hotstop) (hardstop) (tronistop)
  • Machine control from front display
  • Batch freezer 1.1 Kg.
  • Ten: 220 volts
  • Power: 800 w
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